Artemovsk Music College named after Ivan Karabits is one of the oldest in Ukraine and the first in Donbas region. It traces its beginning to the early 20th century.

Graduating from the Vienna conservatory, Adel Mereines opened music courses in Bahmut, now Artemovsk, in 1903. Her mission was to educate those eager to obtain a formal schooling.

In 1900, a music and drama union was founded. It aimed “to support development of music, literature and drama education.” Over 100 people joined the Bahmat society by 1910, among them teachers from the music college. Thus by 1926, everything was in place to open the first music college in Donbas.

Among tireless organizers and promoters of music in Artemovsk were first college teachers P.L. Bayevsky, I.S. Rotenberg, Y.S. Madorsky, and L.B Frantsuzova. Singer P. Tsesevich, violinist Fishman, and composer N. Bohoslovsky performed and taught in the college. Future People’s Artist of the U.S.S.R. Natal Rakhlin conducted the symphonic orchestra.

Until 1959, the college and the music school shared a building and a board of directors. Nowadays, V.V. Parzhytsky is in charge of the college. There are five distinct commissions in piano, string, brass and percussion, and folk instruments, as well as conducting and choir.

Its graduates are among the most distinguished musicians in the history of Ukraine: Peoples Artist of Ukraine and soloist of the National Opera N. Vorvulev, Peoples Artist of Ukraine, outstanding composer and music professional Ivan Karabits, Peoples Artist of Ukraine and soloist of the Odessa Philharmonics L. Stadnichenko, winner of many international contests, professor of the National music academy named after E. Cherkazova, Honorary Art Worker of Ukraine and soloist of the Odessa Opera N. Yutesh, Honorary Art Worker of Ukraine and member of the National union of journalists of Ukraine I. Papush, Honorary Artist of Russia and soloist of the Bolshoi theater V.Vlasov, winner of international contests and festivals E. Martynov, professor of the Rostov Conservatory named after Sergei Rakhmaninov, member of Russias Academy of Natural Sciences A. Selitsky, Honorary Art Worker of Russia Y. Martynov and others.

In 2002, staff in the Artemovsk music college decided to honor its graduate Ivan Karabitz by naming the school after him. In February, Ukraines Cabinet of Ministers approved their initiative. In a year, piano instructors conceived an idea of organizing a series of Ukrainian piano contests in the name of Ivan Karabits. In 2010, it will be its sixth anniversary. Bahmut Spring competitions, that provide career guidance, and festivals in memory of E. Martynov Let there be song are among many famous initiatives started in the Artemovsk college.

In 1986, a museum has been opened to preserve the college and its prominent graduates rich legacy.