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Teachers of the specialized commission “Piano” in the Artemivsk Music College have organized the contest of the Ukrainian piano music named after Ivan Karabits. For the first time it was held on the first anniversary of death of famous conductor and music extraordinaire Karabits. He graduated from the same college in 1963.


Some 20 students took part in the first city competition. All piano compositions by Karabits were performed. His widow, famous art critic M. Kopytsya-Karabits, presided over the jury. Winners were awarded with diplomas, souvenirs, CDs, and tapes with Karabits work.

Final round of the first competition


Next year, the contest expanded to the regional level. Its rather symbolic that on the same day - 11 February, 2004, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine gave the college Karabits name. Meanwhile, the book «Vivere memento» devoted to the composer was presented on stage.
Some 21 students from six music colleges of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts arrived to compete. Performers from Artemivsk, Donetsk, Mariupol, Severodonetsk and Luhansk presented over 30 works by Ukrainian composers: from 18th century classics to modern artists. It was required to perform a work by Karabits. Legend of the Ukrainian music and professor of the National Music Academy of Ukraine, M. Skoryk was the head of the jury. Karabits wife, associated professor and Doctor of Arts, M. Kopytsya-Karabits was an honorary judge at the contest.

Pupina from Dzerzhynsk took the first place. V. Sushanova from Mariupol came in second. And Y. Semenchenko of Artemivsk finished third. They have been awarded with diplomas and presents. T. Myshkovych was distinguished with a prize for The Best Performance of the Karabits Work. Prize Hope went to Y. Yefymenko from Donetsk. The Karabits family scholarship was won by talented students from less privileged families from the Artemivsk college, P. Makhno and O. Melnyk.


This time Artemivsk college hosted a competition on the national scale. Some 24 students from music colleges and schools of art and culture of Dzerzhynsk, Zaporizhzhya, Sumy, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kherson, Mariupol, Kyiv, and Artemivsk applied. The contest was dedicated to Ivan Karabits 60th birthday. Composer M. Skoryk presided over the judges panel for two years in a row. Other members of the jury included famous musicians, associate professors of the Artemivsk college I. Aleksiychuk and Honorary Artist of Ukraine Y. Kot. They both performed at the opening of the competition.

Jury and winners of the 5th competition in 2008.


The sixth contest of the Ukrainian piano music named after Ivan Karabits was dedicated to the composers 65th anniversary of birth. It was held on April 27 – 29.

Winners of Artemivsk competitions reaffirm their high professional level winning many other music contests. P. Parubets has been awarded by the International Contest for Young Pianists in memory of V. Horowitz. V. Sushanova, O.Pupina, and V.Bublik won awards at International festival of Slavic Piano Music in Melitopol.